With many ships put in various stages of lay-up, reactivation will require support from shipyards and in particular riding repair teams as it likely will be a shipyard backlog. With upcoming class deadlines as well as conditions of class in need of completion, IMS and our experienced and certified riding teams are positioned to meet the upcoming demand in getting your vessel back in service. We have over 30 years of voyage repair experience.

Our key services:

Manufacturer’s Certified GRE/GRV pipe fitters, repairs, modifications and new installations.

Manufacturer’s Certified Insulators, AC systems, bulkheads.

Class certified welders, in-house Class approved proprietary welding procedures, all major welding types, steel and pipe installations and repairs.

Ballast tank coating maintenance and repairs.

Certified cleaners, painters and garbage handlers.

IMS will do its utmost in the post Covid-19 recovery of bringing your ship back to normal service, making it a win-win for all of us. Please do not hesitate to call on us.