With the Industry’s ever increasing efforts to lower emissions, save energy and improve on cost efficiencies, a working agreement has been established with insulation manufacturer Thermaflex®, (www.thermaflex.com) where IMS is committed to train and certify insulators for installation of Thermaflex® insulation products.
With the growing interest in the Thermaflex® products, to ensure continuous availability of certified personnel, a newly formed training center in conjunction with the IMS Safety Training Program has been set up at the IMS facility in Constanta, Romania. Here IMS trained and certified trainers perform training of qualified candidates. The goal of the training program is to meet on a World-Wide basis clients need for certified personnel to carry out insulation replacements, new installations and retrofit projects.

With this agreement, IMS pledge to meet and have available trained insulators meeting Client’s demand.

With the need for insulation renewals onboard ships world-wide, IMS is ready to carry out insulation project cost effectively and on time meeting all requirements to safety and quality.

To learn more about Thermaflex®, please visit: www.thermaflex.com


                 Instrumental Marine Services (Intl )Ltd. is a Thermaflex accredited insulation installer.