The ship repair activities to date have shown a significant increase in all types of repairs and installations. Typically most activities occur onboard cruise vessels, however during 2018, more and more activities have occurred onboard commercial ships such as LNG and Car carriers. The overall activity level so far this year has exceeded the year end estimate with an already busy order book for 2019, both onboard cruise and commercial vessels.

Another segment that is showing an increase is the FPSO/FSO type of installations. Activities here are primarily steel and coating projects.

With the strong outlook for 2019, IMS’s key focus as always is on safety and safety training. Looking back at 2018, the year so far has been completed with zero lost time injuries. We believe that keeping safety always on the forefront, it becomes part of our culture, thus enabling all of us to always be aware of our surroundings and manage the risk that is always present.
The adherence to the ISO quality management system is the foundation to our day to day operation. It guides us to do the right thing, it helps us to continuously improve, it makes our day easier.

We have come a long way, but see no time to rest. We will continue to provide the best service possible to our clients, we will continue to further develop the strong safety culture that exist among us, we will do our utmost to earn our clients total satisfaction.

To the key office people behind the scenes, to the workers, full time and part time, thank you all for your good work, your respect of others, your loyalty to IMS and your respectful relationship to our client’s Superintendents and ship’s Officers and Crew.