A significant Thermaflex insulation project was carried out onboard a major cruise liner during the months of September and October, 2018. This vessel was in need of insulation replacement of AC stations and chilled water lines. Prior to start, an inspection was carried out onboard in order to calculate manpower and prepare a complete bill of materials (BoM). The inspection was carried out during normal sailing of the vessel and required 3 days by one of IMS’s Project Managers. Upon completion, a proposal was presented to the client inclusive of a complete BoM.

Considering limited time to do the works (15 days) and restrictions related to access due to the vessel being in normal operation, it was decided to go ahead and assemble a team of 30 trained and certified IMS Thermaflex insulation technicians. Once onboard, the work was carried out by splitting the team in two shifts, maximizing the time available to complete. Upon completion, areas were cleaned, old insulation materials and debris were removed.

Insulation materials used were ThermaSmart by Thermaflex.

All in all the project was completed to the satisfaction of the client, accident free. Excellent cooperation was received from everybody onboard as well as from the Superintendent ashore.